Chapter Services

The Hudson Valley Chapter offers these services:

Chapter Helpline

Call and speak with a volunteer who can answer questions and offer guidance to help with those dealing with TS and other TS-related issues.

Chapter Meetings

Participate in several opportunities each year, featuring such topics as medical updates, advocacy, school-related issues, behavioral concerns, and other important areas.

Support Groups

Informal meetings provide the opportunity to connect with other families, share ideas and strategies, and give and receive support.  Support Group meetings are held at various locations around our chapter area.

Chapter Newsletter

Our chapter sends out a newsletter to keep you updated with current information, including articles about TS and events happening in your area.

School Presentations

Trained volunteers provide sessions upon request to educate teachers on the symptoms of TS and associated disorders, and discuss possible accommodations, modifications, and teaching strategies.

Peer Presentations by Youth Ambassadors

TSA Youth Ambassadors are teens with TS, who have been trained to to advocate for themselves and for others and to provide their peers and younger children with accurate information about TS. They can go into classrooms, schools and clubs to teach understanding, sensitivity and tolerance of TS and its symptoms while displacing the myths and stereotypes that are often attributed to and associated with this misunderstood and misdiagnosed disorder.

Buddy Program for Youth

The Buddy program is a peer-mentoring program for young kids with Tourette Syndrome. Our "Big Buddies" are pre-teens and teens with TS, who are trained to serve as role models to younger children and empower them to imagine a positive future for themselves. They are paired with young kids with TS and can provide their "Young Buddies" with support, mentoring, companionship, and one-to-one friendship.

Referrals to Local Physicians and Service Providers

We can refer you to neurologists, psychiatrists, therapists, and allied professionals such as tutors, social skills therapists, special education attorneys, and more. Other chapter members have recommended these providers.

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.”William James

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